How high should my standing desk be?

So you have a new standing desk now you need to know, primarily,  how high should my standing desk be?

  1. Setting correct keyboard height

Ideally the keyboard and mouse should sit at a a slight angle so your forearm is almost horizontal with your hands slightly lower than your elbow.

correct arm heightTo allow this to occur ideally you need your keyboard height to be around the same height as the top of your hip bone.

2. Setting correct monitor height

setting correct monitor height

The top of the computer screen is ideally around eye height.

Using the AntStand as a standing desk

Notbook stand Antstand used as a standing desk
In the main promo video for the antstand  we show the the AntStand being used twice on bar type tables to allow a comfortable standing desk to be created. I am in these videos I am 175 cms high and find the most comfortable setup with a desk of about 105cms.

Some nice table ideas that may be suitable for your standing desk

Basically bar tables are the type of table that is most appropriate. Or shelving can also be used. Below are a few ideas from IKEA.

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