How high should a laptop stand be?

Your head us approximately 5kg! That’s on average 8% of total body weight!
heavy head

Imagine you have to lift a 2kg dumbbell above your head and hold it up there. Now repeat holding the dumbbell at 45 degree angle above your head. It is way harder because your muscles are having  to support it at an angle whereas directly above it is being supported by your body.


If your looking down at your laptop all day your neck is doing that exercise – no wonder you get sore looking down on a laptop all day!


So what you need is a way of keeping you head upright

That is where a good laptop stand comes in. The ideal height t allows for you to work at your laptop whilst looking more or less straight ahead. The perfect screen height is not unanimously agreed by professionals and varies between straight ahead and a 20 degree angle (this seems to be quite comfortable for most people).

The Antstand raises the bottom of the screen by 22 cms which is good for the majority of people.